Mission & Core Values

Mission & Core Values

Mission Statement

Focus High School is a community of life long learners that aims to enable children to excel in all aspects of life.

The school provides for students’ holistic development: encouraging them to be critical and creative thinkers; guiding them to be principled and compassionate; training them for physical health; and preparing them for higher studies and work.

Convinced that education is a means of establishing justice and mercy in the world, Focus High School ensures that its programmes are accessible to all.

Core Values

  1. Lifelong learning: all members of our school community seek to improve, learn, and grow throughout their lives
  2. Holistic education: we strive for the integrated development of children’s intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, and physical aspects of life
  3. Social constructivism: learning is a process of “constructing, testing and revising mental models of how the world works and it is this process that enables each student to make meaning of their lives and the world around them” (IBO, 2008)
  4. Common, inclusive schooling: the school serves male & female children of varied communities, economic backgrounds, and academic abilities
  5. Creative professionalism: leadership in the school is distributed and devolved, relying on the active collaboration of creative and reflective teachers