Governing Body

Governing body of Focus High School

Jaferia Institute of Social Medicine (JISM) is a registered society that works in the health and education sectors of Hyderabad. In addition to Focus High School, JISM manages Jaferia Hospital, a 50-bed hospital that was started 10 years ago and is located in Darushifa. The hospital caters to all sections of society and is equipped with an emergency room, ICU and operation theatre facilities. Patients pay 25-35% of what corporate hospitals in the area charge for surgeries and in-patient care reducing the financial burden on families. For those unable to pay, the hospital arranges funds so that no deserving person is denied access to treatment.
JISM is made up of people accomplished in diverse fields that range from IT, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals and Education. A brief description and current occupation of JISM board members are given below.

JISM Executive Committee

Syed Mohammed Arif: National badminton coach, winner of Padma Shri & Dronacharya Awards from the Government of India.
Syed Baqar Hasan: Chairman of Olive Hospitals Pvt. Ltd. and Hansa Leathers Pvt. Ltd.
Aga Mujahid Hussain: MD of Olive Hospitals Pvt. Ltd. and Hujjatul Islam, having studied for 13 years in Qom, Iran under distinguished scholars and religious authorities.
Dr. Irfan Ali Motiwala: Dental and maxillofacial surgeon in private practice.
Zaki Nasser: Financial investments and stock broking consultant in private practice.
Mir Ahmed Alikhan: MD and co-founder of Focus Softnet Pvt. Ltd.
Yasir Rawjee: Sr. VP and Head of Global API Operations, Mylan Laboratories Ltd.

JISM Members

Mirza Mustafa Baig: Senior IT professional with IBM
Mir Naqui Ali: Senior Lecturer in Chemistry at Narayana Academy
Mehdi Askari: CEO and founder of Nettfirst Technologies Pvt. Ltd.